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Bring us any size or amount of industrial or commercial scraps and we'll handle it with ease. You will get great prices on all of your scrap.

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We provide sustainable waste management solutions that enable industries and cities to strengthen their environmental and economic performances.

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Bring us any size or amount of industrial or commercial metal and we'll handle it with ease. You will get great prices on all of your scrap.

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Zero Waste Management

We offer holistic Zero waste management solutions ranging from commercial to residential and to all points in the industry that helps them achieve their sustainable goals. Connect with us to ensure that your brand becomes zero waste to landfill.

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Aluminum Recycling

Drop off your scrap aluminum items including: electric wiring & cables, metal building construction materials from roofs, windows or doors & packaging materials. We procure aluminum scrap in all grades at any volumes & sizes. After recycling we supply the final Ingots to the manufactuing industries.

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Plastic Recycling

Undertaking the reprocessing of almost every kind of Plastic compound, employs advanced machinery and a skilled workforce so as to ensure that the viable properties of Plastic compounds are retained and the by-products thus manufactured are of the highest quality.

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Wooden Recycling

We help industries to get their waste wood recycled. We collect or purchase waste wood from clients and get it segregated as per quality and size of wood in our warehouses then get is converted in to artificial wood or plywood through our green partners.

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Manpower Contract

High Quality Labour Solutions for Industries! Our labour works are well known for their timely implementation, flexibility, and unmatched quality. They are well-skilled expertise in various industries by in total compliance.

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We have come up with more personalized transport solutions for material scraps, rubber scrap, copper scrap, plastic scrap, aluminium scrap, iron scrap, metal scrap, wooden scrap and industrial scrap.

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Our solutions for your business growth

We are on a mission to make recycling as easy and care-free as possible for your business.

We have been an established in this industry with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality of our services to the customer.

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Vehicles, Cranes, Lifts & JCBs
Who we are

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Lakshan Associates is a licensed provider of waste management and recycling solutions with fully equipped facility to handle all sort of scraps.

Our core business include buying and selling of various kinds of scrap such as Waste Cortons, Wooden Wastes, General Wastes, Plastic Wastes, Aluminium, copper, chillers, stainless steel, brass, cables, scrap iron such as sheet piles, cutting plates, rebar, machinery, zinc, etc.

We also provide Transports, Demolition, Disposal and Clearing for buildings and heavy industries. With decades of knowledge and experiences, we have a dedicated team of experiences and knowledgeable workers who can solve your problems at the least provided time. With our own vehicles from 5 tons to heavy duty forklifts we complete our job promptly.

Lakshan Associates believes in not only providing the best price and service but also in making it easier for customers to sell their scraps at their convenience.

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